This is a culmination of projects, businesses, and other online sites I've worked on. A portfolio and bio in one, if you will. If you're here on business, be sure and check out the interactive resumé.

I put together this website to help display my various talents. A Wordpress theme template or About Me page have their places, and I use them when appropriate, but this site is meant to display a more personal touch. This site was built from the ground up to help demonstrate how I work.

This part of the website was specifically built using HTML and CSS. (Except for the contact form. That uses server-side PHP to send the email.) I wanted it to show what was possible with nothing more than these simple tools. (I have to give thanks to coderops for the interactive menu tutorial.) Please use the contact form if you would like passwords to access the demos.

You may be wondering what I'm talking about? This site is as basic as they come. Let's continue... continue


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TapThat is my current project. It's a beer and food pairing web app that my wife and I are designing and coding, primarily in PHP/MySQL and JQuery Mobile. (The main blog site is Wordpress.) Once I have enough feedback from our users, I will see about releasing native apps for various platforms. Currently it is in closed beta, but we have enough accumulated data that we’re able to use it daily.

Feel free to sign up for the free beta, or notifications if you would like to be notified when the native apps are available. Launch site


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theCoalition is a "stealth startup" that I have waiting in the wings for now. While multitasking is a trait of mine, I wouldn’t try and launch more than one startup at a time. So this one will have to wait.

The site is just a splash page with some fancy CSS I learned from the CSS-Tricks website, and a standard email signup form in PHP/MySQL. Launch site


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These are projects I threw together to teach myself some new functionality, or for a class project. They all use the same stylesheet for the most part, as you'll see. Contact me if you are looking for access to these sites to review them. Some of the code for these projects can be found on Github.

Basic HTML/CSS ProjectThis first one is a website for my dog. Yes, I actually made a website for my dog. It was on the class assignment list, and I have a great dog. It’s strictly html and basic CSS. Launch site

Email Collection FormThis is a standard email signup that I use in many of my sites. It’s in PHP and stores data in MySQL. Launch site

Member SiteThis was a PHP class assignment that used basic PHP/MySQL functionality. Launch site

Customer Relationship ManagementThis is the beginnings of a CRM with employee and project management. Origionally an SQL assignment for a class, it uses prepared statements for the SQL queries. I'm shelving this project for a later date when I'll expand on it. Launch site

CodeIgniter TestI thought I would take a look at CodeIgniter to learn a little about it. There’s no logion for this page, nor any styling, as I just wanted to see how the basic flow worked. I like to familiarize myself with new things and I'm constantly researching to stay in the loop. Launch site

JQuery TestThis is a real basic test of JQuery. I’m currently teaching myself how to code JQuery, and have added it to TapThat already. This is a sandbox mostly, and will continuosly be changing when I have something to learn. Launch site


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For a listing of all my social media, take a look at my page.

My personal blog has random ideas and thoughts that don't belong elsewhere. I don't update it often, as I tend to spend most of my free time on other projects. Launch site

For my free time, not spent coding, I enjoy spending time with my wife Jen and our dog Zero. I'm also a big fan of sailing, but don't get to go out as much as I would like.


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contact me

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I can be reached via email or Twitter best.
Use the contact form below to email me.


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This is an interactive resumé I'm working on. Since I can see the traditional resumé format being outdated soon, I figured I would make a fun project out of it.

This is a work in progress, but will be worth looking at. Of course, you can still contact me for a pdf of text format as well. Launch site