joseph rogina

Joseph Rogina

Web and Mobile Developer

I’m passionate about start-ups and the whole dynamic of dreaming it, coding it, and making it happen. I love to see great ideas make it to completion.

I started coding with C/C++ many years ago, and at some point veered off into the IT industry. While I never really quit coding, I’m now back to programming full-time and doing what I love. These days, I focus my skills on mobile development with a web backend.

Currently, I’m a freelance developer and spend any spare time working on my own endeavors. My current personal project is TapThat, which combines my passions of programming mobile apps with my love for craft beer and food pairing.

Contact me today to find out how I can help with your web and mobile development.

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Current Projects

ClearPath site


ClearPath is a personalized step-by-step online marketing guide that allows small businesses to take control of their internet marketing efforts. It's a C# MVC project with a WordPress blog. The users are handled by Identity Manager and ties in with our eCommerce solution.

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Web Designs PLUS site

Web Designs PLUS

We are a development company that does mostly websites with eCommerce tie-ins. The emphasis on PLUS is because we specialize in custom development and Internet Marketing. ClearPath is one of our tools. We can develop a site with mobile, speed, and branding from the ground up or revamp your old site.

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TapThat site

TapThat Beer App

TapThat is a mobile web application that allows you to rate beer and food pairings as well as find new beer and food pairings to try. Currently it's running in PHP with MySQL. I'm migrating to a RESTful API in C# MVC to tie native apps into. The front end is a simple WordPress blog.

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